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The Local Plan Portal has been developed to provide interactive maps and information with links to Local Plan documents. Please refer to the following guidance for help in using the portal.

Address Search - Using the search facility you will be able to search for and locate an address within the Wakefield district to display on the map.

Maps - This will display an overview map of the district. To view more detailed maps and information you can select a highlighted area on the district map or choose a settlement area from the drop down list.

Choose Map Contents

Before you select the address to search or map area you must first choose the map contents you wish to view. The following map contents are available:-

  • Adopted – Map contents display the latest adopted Local Plan policies
  • Consultations – Map contents display the latest proposed Local Plan policies

From the map contents window you will be able to zoom in and out and pan around the map to view other locations.


By default the mapbase detail displayed is black and white. However, when your desired location is visible on the map you have the option to change the mapbaseBW to the detailed aerial photography 2012 and vice versa.

Map Legend

The map legend lists the groups of planning policies that can be selected for viewing (tick the box) and can be unselected (untick the box) if no longer required in the map window. Each group, when hovered over and clicked, can be expanded and collapsed to view the individual layers which again can be selected or unselected. By default the Consultation Map displays all data layers but the Adopted Map due to the extensive number of policies, initially displays only the greenbelt boundary. Use this control to select or unselect other policy groups or layers.

Policy Information

To extract further details about the policies and sites use the arrow tool to click on the map window within the site. A box will appear and display all the policies visible at that point with basic information. For further policy details select the Link_to_Policy option (Adopted Map Contents only) this will open another window which displays the Adopted Local Plan document details. If selecting the Link_to_Consultations option (Consultation Map Contents only) this will open another window which displays the Local Plan consultation document details where you can either View or Add Comments.

How to make comments

When selecting the Link_to_Consultations option and the Local plan document opens in anther window, you will be able to View or Add Comments depending if the document is currently available for consultation. Before adding your comment you will be asked to login or register your details in our consultation database so we can inform you of LDF developments and future documents.

Multiple Map Windows

If you search multiple areas or addresses and follow the links to the document details you may need to close the multiple windows when no longer required for viewing.


Have we forgotten something? If you feel there is something missing from this guidance note or the LDF Portal in general we would like to hear from you. Please contact the Spatial Policy team.